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Below are testimonials sent by happy clients, due to confidentiality the coaching clients are anonymous.

Transformative Kindness and Wellbeing Coaching: Elevating Careers and Cultivating Positive Workplaces with Helen

"I've had the incredible opportunity to work with Helen over the past 12 months, focusing on finding meaning and purpose in my work, enhancing my wellbeing, and strategically thinking about my career trajectory. Helen's coaching has been transformative, providing me with the tools and insights to navigate my professional journey with confidence and clarity.

Throughout our sessions, Helen expertly guided me through deep reflections on my personal values and how they align with my career goals, leading to profound realisations about my professional path. The focus on wellbeing has been particularly impactful, offering me strategies to maintain balance and promote mental and emotional health in my daily work life.

Helen also facilitated invaluable training on inclusive recruitment practices, emphasising the importance of kindness and inclusivity in the workplace. These sessions not only enhanced my skills as a professional but also deepened my commitment to fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for all colleagues.

Additionally, the 'Lunch and Learn' sessions on kindness at work, the science behind it, and the exploration of wellbeing were enlightening. These gatherings provided me with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to implement kindness and wellbeing initiatives within my workplace, contributing to a more positive and productive work environment.

Working with Helen has been an enlightening and enriching experience. I've not only grown professionally but also personally, embracing kindness and wellbeing as core principles of my work ethic and leadership style. I am deeply grateful for Helen's guidance, support, and the profound impact they've had on my career and life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone looking to enhance their professional journey through meaningful, purpose-driven coaching. Helen's expertise in positive psychology, kindness, and wellbeing at work is unparalleled, and their coaching and facilitation have the power to transform work places into environments where wellbeing and kindness flourish."

Head of Customer Services

Services used - Coaching for Women Bespoke Sessions

Transforming Leadership and Team Dynamics: Discover How Helen Rimmer's Coaching and Facilitation Elevates Professional Growth and Fosters Kindness in the Workplace

"I have had the pleasure of utilising Helen Rimmers services in both her capacity as a one to one coach and in her work as a facilitator of systemic team coaching and team development. As a one to one coach Helen is extremely skilled and confident and has enabled me to overcome many professional and personal dilemmas, giving me the tools to address and identify barriers and blocks I have previously found I could not get past. As a senior leader this has been invaluable in my professional development and in ensuring that I am able to ensure that I am growing and doing my job in the best way that I possibly can. In addition to one to one coaching which I have on a regular basis I hired Helen to complete a strengthscope assessment with me as I found her coaching approach so helpful, i thought this could be an interesting tool to try. I can honestly say this tool and her work with me to understand how I can use the information it gave me has had a transformational impact on how I approach my work and indeed my balance and perspective outside of work. It has given me a language base which I can use with my own manager and team to discuss how I can best ensure I am achieving and serving in my role. Equally the ability to identify where I gain energy in my roles and where potential pitfalls are for me personally has been an invaluable tool in managing and preventing burn out, to which I am prone. I have found the strengthscope tool in particular so useful that I will next be looking to hire her to complete the 360 review with my teams and to soon complete strengthscope with my entire senior leadership team.

I have also worked with Helen in her work facilitating team coaching and development. She worked with a very challenging team with long standing cultural issues, where she proved herself to be a flexible and competent facilitator who garners trust from difficult groups. She worked closely with me to design sessions and understand the needs of the team, coaching me through the additional work required outside of the sessions in my capacity as senior manager of the teams and gave detailed proposals based on seeing and working with the dynamic of the team. I found her approach very effective and I have plans to hire her to complete a service wide piece of work focusing on our new strategy development and change management.

I have no hesitation recommending Helen and her skills to any organisation looking for a coach and facilitator who truly understands her work and gives a unique focus to leadership and kindness. "  

University Librarian

Services used Strengthscope Coaching for Women Team Building

Elevating Leadership Through Values and Integrity: Why I Highly Recommend Helen at The Kind Brave Leader

“Being an active mentor and coach myself, it is grounding and affirming to return to being mentored in a mentoring relationship, and I am very much appreciating the reflective space with Helen at The Kind Brave Leader.Focusing on values in leadership and sustaining integrity through change and uncertainty is particularly important for me. Highly recommend Helen!”

Head of Library Services

Services used Coaching for Organisations

Unlocking Positive Workplace Change: Discover How Helen’s 'Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries' Course Transforms Leadership

“I took Helen’s course "Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries" because this topic is something I am passionate about. I always knew kindness and wellbeing were important, but did not realise that there is so much research that demonstrates how these values and actions can positively impact the workplace. In addition to learning about leadership theories, I was able to create kindness and wellness plans for myself. Who knew it was possible to create actionable goals that stem from kindness? Most importantly, Helen is an authentic person and kind instructor. She provides incredibly detailed feedback on every assignment so you know exactly what you did well and how to improve for next time. Thank you, Helen!

Caterina Reed, Stony Brook University Libraries

Services used - Kindness and Wellbeing for Librarians (which is based on Thrive)

Revolutionising Workplaces with Kindness: Helen's Impact through Her 'Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries' Course

Our workplaces across the world are not well. Thankfully, there are people like Helen who are trying to change that. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I took her Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries course. I was delightfully surprised at the depth of the course and how it covered the many facets of kindness backed by research, lectures, and assignments. I learned how to define kindness, what it looks like in different contexts, the importance and benefits of it in our workplaces and lives, how to implement it as both an employee and a supervisor, and what the path forward might look like. All of this provided solid and practical applications for improving my own well-being and that of my colleagues and workplace. As an instructor, Helen made this course engaging and enjoyable. It goes without saying that she is kind, but she is also a genuine person who is easy to talk with. She asks perceptive questions and offers helpful insights. Her experience and knowledge come across in the delivery of the course, and her enthusiasm for kindness and well-being at work is contagious. In today's world, it can be easy to push aside kindness. Helen is a brave leader fighting to bring it to the forefront of our workplaces.

Michelle Brown, Sacramento Public Libraries

Services used -

Kindness and Wellbeing for Librarians (which is based on Thrive)

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