Elevate: Librarian Self-Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course


…waking up every day feeling inspired and empowered. Picture yourself leading with confidence, managing your time like a pro, and balancing your work and life seamlessly.

Welcome to the Beta Launch of Elevate: Librarian Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course

Elevate: Librarian Self-Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course

Elevate Your Self-Leadership:

Develop essential skills to guide yourself with confidence and inspire positive change within your library..

Elevate Your Wellbeing:

Enhance your emotional intelligence and work-life balance to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling professional and personal life.

Elevate Your Productivity:

Master time management and goal-setting techniques to boost your efficiency and accomplish more with less stress.

Elevate Your Purpose:

Discover and align with your deeper meaning and purpose in your career, leading to greater satisfaction and impact in your work.

Elevate: Librarian Self-Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course

Your Transformation Starts Here

This isn’t a distant dream. This can be you. Hand-on-heart, really. No matter where you’re starting from, believe me: you can achieve this transformation. And it doesn’t need to take years and years of work.

Elevate: Librarian Self-Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course

Are you ready to elevate your career and wellbeing? We're thrilled to introduce Elevate: Librarian Self- Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course, a transformative six-month program designed exclusively for librarians. This course is crafted to help you grow, connect, and lead with confidence. Starting on August 5th, you have the unique opportunity to join our beta launch and be part of something truly special.

What the programme contains

The programme takes place over 6 months

  • Monthly themes

    Month 1: Self-Leadership and Confidence Building


    Develop essential self-leadership skills and build confidence.

    • Key Topics:

    • Self-awareness, goal setting, personal vision, overcoming imposter syndrome.

    • Activities:

    • Self-assessment exercises, confidence-building workshops, creating a personal leadership plan.

    Month 2: Effective Communication and Team Dynamics


    Enhance communication skills and improve team dynamics.

    • Key Topics:

    • Active listening, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, fostering collaboration.

    • Activities:

    • Communication role-playing, team-building exercises, peer feedback sessions.

    Month 3: Time Management and Productivity


    Master time management techniques to boost productivity and prevent burnout.

    • Key Topics:

    • Prioritization, delegation, time-blocking, work-life balance.

    • Activities:

    • Time management workshops, daily and weekly planning exercises, productivity challenges.

    Month 4: Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing


    Enhance emotional intelligence and promote wellbeing.

    • Key Topics:

    • Self-regulation, empathy, stress management, mindfulness.

    • Activities:

    • Mindfulness exercises, stress reduction techniques, emotional intelligence assessments.

    Month 5: Strategic Career Planning and Development


    Provide guidance on career planning and development.

    • Key Topics:

    • Career goals, networking strategies, leveraging strengths, career transitions.

    • Activities:

    • Career mapping exercises, networking workshops, creating a professional development plan.

    Month 6: Innovation and Leading Change


    Foster innovation and equip participants to lead change effectively.

    • Key Topics:

    • Creative thinking, change management, strategic planning, leading with purpose.

    • Activities:

    • Innovation workshops, case studies on successful change initiatives, strategic planning exercises.

Course Packages

Silver Plan


  • Up to 10 people can join

  • 1 workshop

  • 1 group call per month

  • Peer groups

Gold Plan


  • Five gold packages available

  • Everything in the Silver package

  • Place in the Action Learning Set

Platinum Plan


  • One platinum package available

  • Everything in the Gold Package

  • 6 x hour-long coaching sessions

  • 1 Strengthscope assessment

*These prices are beta prices which will go up in future

Interested in signing a team up for Elevate?

Looking to enhance your team's development and foster stronger connections within your library? Our Elevate programme is the perfect solution!

When you choose Elevate for your team, you receive all the incredible benefits of our individual programme, along with exclusive advantages tailored for team growth and cohesion.

Here's what your team can expect:

Comprehensive Development: Equip your team with essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Enhanced Team Dynamics: Strengthen relationships and improve collaboration through targeted team-building activities.

Increased Engagement: Boost team morale and motivation with inspiring and interactive sessions.

Shared Learning Experiences: Benefit from collective learning, where team members support and learn from each other.

Tailored Support: Customised resources and support to address your team's unique challenges and goals.

Ready to take your team to the next level?

Contact me today to discuss organisational pricing and discover how Elevate can transform your team.

Elevate: Librarian Self-Leadership & Wellbeing Mastery Course


Elevate Your Community

Join the revolution. Gain free access to The Kind Librarian membership for one year, with monthly superclasses, themed discussion boards, and invaluable resources..


Elevate Your Network:

Connect with fellow rebels. Share experiences with librarians worldwide and build a supportive, inspiring network to drive your career forward.

I wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone looking to enhance their professional journey through meaningful, purpose-driven coaching. Helen's expertise in positive psychology, kindness, and wellbeing at work is unparalleled, and their coaching and facilitation have the power to transform work places into environments where wellbeing and kindness flourish.


I took Helen’s course "Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries" because this topic is something I am passionate about. I always knew kindness and wellbeing were important, but did not realise that there is so much research that demonstrates how these values and actions can positively impact the workplace. In addition to learning about leadership theories, I was able to create kindness and wellness plans for myself. Who knew it was possible to create actionable goals that stem from kindness? Most importantly, Helen is an authentic person and kind instructor. She provides incredibly detailed feedback on every assignment so you know exactly what you did well and how to improve for next time. Thank you, Helen!


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