Navigating Life's Crossroads: Discover the Power of Coaching

Transforming the World of Work through Kindness and Wellbeing

Welcome to a New Era of Leadership and Personal Growth

In a world where productivity often overshadows people, Helen stands as a beacon of positive change. With over two decades of experience in library and higher education leadership and a deep-seated expertise in positive psychology, Helen is more than a coach – she's a catalyst for transformative change, especially for those in states of flux.

What We Offer

Individual Coaching:

Tailored for professionals at any career stage, these personalised sessions combine systemic team coaching with kindness and wellbeing principles, guiding you through personal and professional changes with empathy and strength.

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Team Workshops:

Foster a culture of kindness in your team. These workshops are designed to enhance team resilience, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, pivotal for thriving in dynamic environments.

Leadership Development:

Refine your leadership skills with a focus on empathy and wellbeing. Learn to lead with compassion, uplift team morale, and drive sustainable, human-centric performance.

Wellbeing Seminars:

Dive into interactive sessions that explore the role of kindness in the workplace. Uncover practical strategies to nurture a positive work environment, essential for those navigating transitional phases.

Meet Your Coach: Empowering Change Through Kindness and Wellbeing

  • Strengthscope Accredited:

    Gain valuable insights into your strengths and learn to apply them effectively during times of change.

  • Positive Psychology Expertise:

    Benefit from an approach rooted in the latest research and practices in kindness and wellbeing, ideal for managing transitions.

  • Customized Solutions:

    Whether you're facing individual challenges or team dynamics, our programs are crafted to address your specific needs.

  • Rich Experience and Passion:

    Helen's extensive leadership background, combined with a passion for workplace transformation, sets her apart as a coach.

What is Coaching? Unravel Its Transformative Power

What is Coaching?

Imagine having a dedicated partner in your journey of self-discovery. Coaching isn't about giving you direct answers. Instead, it's a transformative process where a skilled coach guides you to uncover your own insights and solutions. It's like having a personal navigator for the complex journey of life.

Why Consider Coaching?

Clarity in Chaos: At life’s crossroads, clarity can be elusive. A coach helps you cut through the noise, identifying what truly matters to you. Personalised Support: Each journey is unique. Coaching is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that the focus always remains on what's best for you.

Unlocking Potential: Often, our greatest strengths lie dormant. Coaching empowers you to unlock your potential, fostering growth and self-improvement.

Accountability and Encouragement: Having someone to keep you accountable can be the difference between dreaming and achieving. A coach is your cheerleader, challenging and encouraging you in equal measure.

Transformative Insights: Coaching provides fresh perspectives, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your goals.

Ready to Start Your Coaching Journey?


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