Leadership Power Hours: Focused, Personalised, Transformative

Facing a Specific Challenge? Let’s Dive Deep.

In today's dynamic business environment, sometimes all it takes is a dedicated hour to gain clarity, make pivotal decisions, or even just to refocus your vision.

Introducing our Leadership Power Hours

– concentrated, one-on-one sessions dedicated entirely to addressing that pressing issue you’re grappling with.

Built on the foundations of positive psychology, kindness, and wellbeing, these sessions draw from extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to leadership challenges.

Why Leadership Power Hours?

Laser-Focused Attention: This isn’t a broad-brush approach. We zero in on that one challenge that’s been on your mind, providing tailored solutions.

Immediate Impact: An hour might seem brief, but with targeted strategies and insights, the ripple effect on your leadership can be profound.

Personalised Guidance: No generic advice. Every session is moulded around your unique leadership style, the specific nuances of your challenge, and the context in which you operate.

Flexibility: Whether you’re between meetings, during your lunch break, or setting aside dedicated time in the evening, we accommodate your schedule.

Follow-Up Resources: Post-session, you’ll receive custom resources and tools, ensuring you can action the insights immediately.

Backed by years of experience as a university librarian and a kindness and wellbeing coach in Sussex, England, these sessions integrate tried and tested strategies from the realms of positive psychology and leadership. This unique blend promises transformative insights that are not just theoretical, but deeply grounded in real-life challenges.

Who is this for?

Managers looking to address specific challenges quickly.

Leaders seeking clarity on a particular issue.

Professionals who value direct, one-on-one interactions for personalised solutions.

Sample Topics

Navigating a Tricky Personnel Issue

Strategy Pivots and Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence in High-Stress Situations

Kindness and Wellbeing in Crisis Management

Implementing Change Swiftly and Effectively


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