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Take Control, Personalise Your Work, Achieve Job Satisfaction

I'm a specialist in the cutting-edge field of Job Crafting—a transformative approach designed to help you tailor your job to better align with your individual strengths, interests, and values. In my interactive online workshops, I provide you with structured, step-by-step insights into task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting.

Workshop Options

Quick Dive - 90 Minutes Session (£100)

A focused, single 90-minute session for individuals

An introduction to the three forms of job crafting

Activities designed to highlight your core values, strengths, and interests ideal for those seeking a taste of job crafting.

Group Day Workshop (£1500)

A day-long immersive experience for groups of up to 8

Deep dive into all three forms of job crafting with multiple activities

Opportunity to collaborate and share insights with team members

Tailored to the unique needs and goals of your team

The Full Course - Series of Seven 90-Minute Workshops

Seven 90-minute sessions spread over a flexible schedule

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of job craftingIncludes activities, real-world applications, and reflection sessions

Designed for people who are serious about sustained improvement

This is bespoke so please contact me for more information so we can discuss your needs or your teams needs

Who Should Attend?

Job crafting can be applied across a wide range of roles, seniority levels, and degrees of autonomy.

Whether you're part of a structured corporate environment or a creative start-up, these workshops can help you find more meaning and satisfaction in your work.

Importantly this is something that needs to come from keen individuals not dictated from above.

What you will Achieve

Understanding: Get to grips with the core principles of the three forms of job crafting and their extensive benefits.

Self-Awareness: Delve deeper into your own values, strengths, and interests to fine-tune your focus at work.

Task Optimisation: Learn how to adjust your current tasks to better align with your values and strengths.

Meaningful Connections: Examine and adapt your work relationships to improve job satisfaction.

New Perspectives: Discover how to perceive your job as more meaningful without altering its physical aspects.

Goal-Setting: Formulate personalised job-crafting aims and action plans.

Reflection: Evaluate the effectiveness of your modifications and continue to hone your approach.

My story with Job Crafting

When I first learnt about Job Crafting it struck me—I had been practising it long before I even knew it had a name. I found myself constantly tweaking aspects of my roles throughout my career, leaning into tasks that excited me and avoiding the drudgery that drained my spirit. I realised that I had naturally built relationships at work that were not just professional but also personally fulfilling. Without consciously knowing it, I had also adapted my mindset to view my job as a meaningful contribution to something larger than myself.

This self-discovery was both enlightening and validating. It was a natural progression to move from unconsciously crafting my job to becoming a specialised coach in this field. The strategies and principles I had informally applied to my life were not unique to me; they were universal techniques that could help anyone find more purpose and satisfaction in their work.

Realising I had been my own first successful case study gave me a profound sense of confidence and purpose. I was not just teaching theories; I was sharing lived experiences and proven strategies that I had implemented myself. It's this personal connection and deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of Job Crafting that I bring to each workshop and client interaction.

So, if you're ready to craft your job into something that brings you genuine satisfaction, know that I've been where you are, and I can guide you through your own journey to a more fulfilling professional life.


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